Your First Visit

Our resources will help you prepare for your pet’s vet visit. They include comprehensive exams, training tips, and parasite protection recommendations.

Preparing for Your Pet’s First Vet Visit: A Comprehensive Guide and Overview

Preparing for your pet’s initial visit to the veterinarian may feel overwhelming, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of information and resources to guide you through the process.

During the first appointment, we aim to gather essential details about your pet’s history, overall health, diet, and training. This is also an opportunity to raise any questions or express concerns. Our experienced veterinarian will conduct a thorough examination, checking your pet from nose to tail. This includes assessing for heart murmurs, ear infections, and parasites. In addition to the examination, your vet will offer valuable insights into pet-proofing your home, provide training assistance, and recommend effective parasite protection measures. The goal of Healthy Paws Animal Hospital is to ensure your pet’s well-being and address any needs or inquiries you may have during this initial visit.

Before Your First Appointment

  1. Ensure you have all the necessary items before heading to the appointment:
    • Adoption or purchase records for your pet
    • Existing medical history
    • List of current medications and supplements
    • Current feeding schedule and the brand of food you use
    • List of questions for your veterinarian
  2.  If required, gather stool or urine samples.
  3. For dog owners, make sure your dog is comfortable on a short leash. For cat owners, bring an appropriate carrier.
  4. Bring your pet’s favorite treats to keep them content and distracted during the visit. If the staff instructs you to do so prior to the visit, ensure your pet fasts.