Experience exceptional veterinary care with Healthy Paws, offering unique schedules, comprehensive services, and a commitment to work-life balance for both pets and caregivers.

“The key is not spending time, but in investing it”
Stephen R. Covey


I firmly believe in giving 100% to whatever I do as gracefully as possible. Organizing schedules, manipulating time, and getting the most out of every waking minute are all passions, almost peculiar hobbies, of mine. Being the primary veterinarian and giving Healthy Paws the quality time it deserved while not burning out were huge considerations in creating our business plan and culture. With this in mind, we may be a little different from other practices people have visited.

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We are now open Monday through Friday, with varying hours. We strive to provide the most comprehensive veterinary medical care you have ever experienced. We aim to anticipate a pet or owner’s needs before they do. We hire exceptional employees, communicate fanatically with our clients, and continually push ourselves to learn and be more. We also recognize that to be the best in our professional world, we must support healthy personal lives and work-life balance. Predictable work schedules, reasonable work hours, and weekends off are benefits not often experienced by caregivers in our profession. We are committed to supporting an exceptional work environment and, by doing so, have been blessed with an amazing and dedicated team. When we are not in the office, Companion Animal Specialty and Emergency (located less than ten minutes away) provides 24-hour emergency care for our clients.

I am accessible. While not in the office daily, it is rare that I am not in contact with clients. While not officially on call, regularly clients are often given my cell phone number if an issue is anticipated on a day we are not in the office. While our hours may vary, most clients find our overall accessibility even more great.

Fit-in and Drop-off Appointments: Our goal is to be available for sick patients whether we have a traditional appointment available or not. To respect our scheduled client’s time while still having last-minute options, we offer fit-in and drop-off appointments. Fit-ins are scheduled appointment times but are seen between our traditional appointments. We inform clients there will be a longer wait than a traditional appointment, and the flow may be a little different, so bring a good book. Drop-offs involve a technician going over a medical history, putting together an initial treatment plan, and admitting a pet to the hospital for examination between scheduled appointments and as time and staff allow. After calling to go over the findings and next steps with the veterinarian, a discharge time is scheduled.