Sulfadimethoxine (Albon)


Anticoccidial, Antibiotic
By Dr. Karen Burgess

Brand name and formulations

  • Albon (brand name)
  • Liquid

What is albon?
Albon is an antibiotic in the sulfonamide family and as a bacteriostatic agent inhibits bacterial replication. Management of coccidial overgrowth, a common cause of diarrhea in young animals, is the primary use for albon in small animals.

How is albon given and what if a dose is missed?
Albon is typically prescribed for once daily dosing and for a total of ten days. The first dose is twice the volume of the subsequent nine doses. If a dose is missed give the missed dose and alter future dosing times accordingly.

How should albon be stored?
Store at room temperature and protected from light.

What is albon’s background?
The sulfonamide class of antibiotics was the first developed in 1932 and saved numerous lives during World War II. When used in combination with other antibiotics the effects of sulfadimehoxine is improved. As a sole agent, sulfadithoxine is exclusively used to treat coccidia.

What side effects are associated with albon?
The sulfonamide class of antibiotics including albon is not recommended in pets with severe kidney or liver disease. Use should be avoided in Dobermans. Rare side effects include joint pain, generalized inflammation, rashes, decreased tear production, and blood cell abnormalities.

What drugs should not be given with albon?
There are no specific drug interactions of major concern.

What follow up is necessary with albon use?
Medication should be used for a full ten day course. Follow up fecal examination is recommended a week after treatment is completed.