Enrofloxacin (Baytril)


By Dr. Karen Burgess

Brand name and formulations

  • Enrofloxacin (generic)
  • Baytril (animal formula, not approved for human use)
  • Ciprofloxacin (similar human formula, not as reliable in animals)
  • Tablets, Capsules, injectable

What is Enrofloxacin?
Enrofloxacin is an antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone family that is a good choice for a variety of infections. Considered a broad spectrum antibiotic, Enrofloxacin is often considered more of a “big gun” antibiotic, often reserved for more serious or resistant infections such as Pseudomonas. Bacterial resistance is a growing concern in medicine and one reason fluoroquinolones as a class should be used judiciously.

How is Enrofloxacin given and what if a dose is missed?
Enrofloxacin is typically prescribed for once daily dosing. If a dose is missed and it is relatively recent, administer said dose. Do not give two doses at once.

How should Enrofloxacin be stored?
No special considerations.

What is Enrofloxacin’s background?
Pseudomonas has historically been a difficult bacteria for antibiotics to kill. The fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics, including enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin, were developed in the 1980’s and provide a good oral option for killing this and several other types of previously challenging bacteria.

What pets should not take Enrofloxacin?
Dogs should be at least 8 months old to take enrofloxacin to avoid possible cartilage damage. Caution should be used in patients with seizures as enrofloxacin may lower the seizure threshold. The safety margin in cats in quite narrow and doses greater than 5 mg/kg have been associated with irreversible blindness.

What side effects are associated with Enrofloxacin?
Enrofloxacin at standard doses is typically not associated with any side effects in dogs. Some cats will develop a fever response to Enrofloxacin therapy.

What drugs should not be given with Enrofloxacin?
Enrofloxacin should not be given within 2 hours of sucralfate and some antacids.

What follow up is necessary with Doxycycline use?
Medication should be used for some time after signs of illness or disease are gone. Notify us if a refill is necessary.