Biking With Your Dog

Biking is a refreshing and exhilarating way to get out, see the world, and get around. Even more fun is when you can take your furry companion along. While there are many ways to travel in style with a bike and your pet, some are better options than others. Some things to consider…..

  • General health– While a great way to exercise, biking can also be dangerous if a pet is not in good health. A clean bill of health, no underlying orthopedic or respiratory issues, and normal to lean body weight are all prerequisites.
  • Size– The accelerated rate of biking is not conducive for little legs, dogs under 20# should stick to trailer riding behind bikes.
  • Age– Young developing bones need to be protected a bit more than adult bones, dogs should be over a year of age to bike with owners
  • Comfort– It only takes one leash tangling up with one tire for catastrophe to strike. There are many safe options for tethering dogs to bikes or trailing them behind. It also may take time to acclimate your pet to the harness, tether, and moving bicycle. Consider environmental conditions when training your pet to a bike. Weather, traffic, and road surfaces all play a factor. Also consider the time of day, dogs have been known to “run their footpads off” from hot pavement or overheat from over exertion.

Biking with your dog can be a great way to exercise and enjoy nature for dogs and their people. Taking the time to prepare can make this a rewarding experience for all. Please visit the dog outdoors for additional resources, supplies (bike tow leashes, harnesses, cooling vests), and tips before hitting the trail.