Healthy Paws Animal Hospital was purposely designed to deliver a client and patient experience like no other veterinary hospital. From the design of the facility to the customer’s experience Healthy Paws has redefined how high quality, convenient, and compassionate animal care is experienced by both our clients and their cherished pets. No waiting in the lobby, comfortable and pet relaxing exam rooms with floor to ceiling windows (shown to lower pet anxiety), all standard procedures performed in the exam room with the client present, in-room check-out, low vaccination protocol standards, and all technicians being certified are just a few examples of how by design we are different than all others! Healthy Paws Animal Hospital is a high quality, full-service, care practice.

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With cold weather upon us now is a good time to review some helpful hints to keep our 4 legged friends safe over the winter season.

*Pets need water in the winter just as in summer.  In fact water is more scarce in the winter so we must be extra vigilant to insure a fresh water supply.  Make sure to provide outdoor pets a source of fresh water, a heating element in their outdoor bowl is one solution.

*Some anti-freezes are toxic to pets (those made of ethylene glycol) so clean up spills immediately and keep unused supplies away from your pets reach.

*Dry pets off with a towel after they come in from playing outside in the snow.  They  may carry rock salt or other toxic substances found in their outdoor environment in on their fur and when they clean themselves potentially create an issue. 

*Outdoor cats will occasionally warm themselves and/or sleep under the hoods of vehicles.  If you have an outdoor cat or one lives near your home make sure to make plenty of noise/alert any potential residents of your intent to start your vehicle prior to starting the vehicle.

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The professional and courteous staff at Healthy Paws Animal Hospital provides the best possible wellness, medical, surgical, dental, and behavioral care for their highly-valued clients and patients. Healthy Paws staff is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care, and health-related educational information to our clients. Information and client communications is our cornerstone. Our services include: general wellness exams, puppy exams, senior wellness care, behavioral recommendations, nutrition counseling, general and emergency surgery, spay, neuter, vaccinations, pain management, compassionate euthanasia services, digital dental radiography and teeth cleaning, and radiography services. Our site has an onsite laboratory, an isolation ward, a modern animal surgery suite, and a comprehensive and well stocked pharmacy. We are conveniently located on Lakewood Rd, just south of Ackman Rd., and are in close proximity to the towns of Crystal Lake, Huntley, Village of Lakewood, Algonquin, and of course Lake In The Hills. Please take a moment to contact us today to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Healthy Paws Animal Hospital can serve the needs of you and your cherished pets.